MixMaximizer as Fast and Cheap Audio Mastering

MixMaximizer is an audio mastering process that has been set up to provide results, comparable to real audio mastering. It was developed to help anyone who searches for cheap audio mastering online. With its affordable price and extremely high quality it is preferred as an option by many independent musicians, recording and mixing engineers and producers.

As professional mastering engineers we can describe the audio mastering engineering as a special blend of art and science, which requires special skills and special knowledge in order to achieve its goals. We don’t believe a machine can ever replace this process. Terms like “instant mastering” and “automated mastering” are very popular nowadays, but they seem inappropriate to us. Therefore, no matter how close to a real audio mastering our AUTOMATED process is, and still providing the best results in this market, we call it just “maximization”.
But we can freely call “fast mastering” or “dirty mastering” our DEDICATED service, though.

We provide free samples for both of our services. Just go to the corresponding section, upload your mix and enjoy!

It is highly recommended to have a look at the HOW TO section first.

Please, consider both of our cheap audio mastering services as unsuitable for mastering an album. Even if you go through our DEDICATED option and put all of your masters together, it is just going to be a compilation. The sound of a real album is possible only after a real, professional mastering. You are more than welcome to try the one we provide at MONRAD PRODUCTIONS Studios


MixMaximizer was founded in September 2013 by a team of audio mastering engineers at MONRAD PRODUCTIONS Studios
If you feel like your music deserves a professional audio mastering, please don’t hesitate to reach us at monradproductions.com