Dedicated MixMaximizer

The DEDICATED MixMaximizer uses the same audio mastering plugin chain that the automated process does, but instead of working automatically, it is controlled by a mastering engineer in real time in purpose to fit your mix best. Unlike the AUTOMATED process, it is suitable for any type of music, including spoken word, single instrument, singing voice, choir etc. including over compressed, over EQ-ed, and over processed mixes in general. You can always choose our “Audio restoration” service as well.

For best results we recommend having a look at our HOW TO page first.

PRICE: 21 USD/master

Discount (3-9 masters): 17 USD/master
Discount (10 and more masters): 12 USD/master

Allowed file formats for upload: WAV, AIF, AIFF, MP3
Number of files allowed to be uploaded simultaneously: 15
File size allowed to be uploaded at once: up to 128MB
Delivered file format: WAV@16bit/44.1kHz
Turnaround time: up to 24 hours for 5 masters or less

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MixMaximizer was founded in September 2013 by a team of audio mastering engineers at MONRAD PRODUCTIONS Studios
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