Audio restoration

Our high quality audio restoration services include (but not limited to):

de-noising, de-clicking, de-humming, de-clipping
phase alignment
L-R alignment (stereo fixing)
background noise removing;


audio cutting and track reordering
fading, cross-fading
audio cassette transferring/digitizing


PRICE: 40 USD/hour of material (if less than an hour, please ask)

        or 5 USD/master if added to our Dedicated Service

Discount (6-9 hours): 35 USD/hour of material
Discount (over 10 hours): 30USD/hour of material

NOTE: The prices above exclude the cassette transfer which is 12 USD per transferred hour of material

Allowed file formats for upload: WAV, AIF, AIFF, MP3 or send us the audio cassette(s)
Number of files allowed to be uploaded simultaneously: 15
File size allowed to be uploaded at once: up to 128MB
Delivered file format: WAV@16bit/44.1kHz
Turnaround time: will be available after we have got acknowledged with the material and clients goals have been determined

All payments go securely through PayPal
By uploading files you agree with our Terms Of Service

To upload your file(s), please login (or register at Client Area ),
and after that go to Audio Restoration Upload Page